Why I Use Reach & Wash Even On Ground-level Windows

If you ask professional cleaners why they love the Reach & Wash equipment (regardless of the brand), the first reason will be ease of access. I am not here to dispute that – I was lucky enough to enter the window cleaning industry when using the optic poles was already the norm. But I have heard countless stories from older colleagues about what the job used to be. Frankly speaking – I cannot imagine myself doing it.

While ease of access and safety should be on top of every list, praising the advantages of this innovative method, they somewhat diminish the importance of its cleaning efficiency. Reach & Wash delivers better cleaning results than any manual squeegee polish – and nobody can convince me to the contrary. Furthermore, working with the poles is incomparably faster when it comes to larger glass surfaces, like commercial window displays, store fronts, or business building facades.

So why wouldn’t you use Reach & Wash on ground-floor windows, even if you can clean them by hand? I do not have a logical answer to that question. My best guess is prejudice – I know cleaners who simply refuse to accept the self-evident truth that a mechanical device can deliver better results than human effort. In their mind, this somehow diminishes the profession, which is ludicrous. With all due respect, we are talking about cleaning windows, not sculpture or creative writing.

There are, of course, smaller and circular windows that do require manual cleaning. Apart from them, I now employ my water-fed pole to any glass surface I see. Call me too liberal or modern – I will still do my job twice faster than you, squeegee lovers!